As we can see from the picture……(描述图片内容),Under the picture there is/are an/some eye-catching word/words reading:……(图下词语).I have seen lots of comments about ……(主旨词)on the weibo and wechat ,the most influential social network ,these days .There is no denying the fact that ……(主旨词)has stimulated a heated discussion.


Simple as the picture is ,the author intends to convey more complicated and profound meaning than what we may sense first glance . Therefore ,the cartoon dose demonstrate that……(主题句).For example ,the success of MaYun ,founder of China’s online trading empire_Alibaba and Taobao ,clearly/distinctly illustrates/proves the importance of ……(主旨词)in realizing personal ambition and creating value for the society.



It is not a difficult job for us to make clear the meaning of the cartoon and come up with some comments that refer to the above phenomenon . 做出评论并用if条件状语虚拟升华。


Then ,how should we solve this problem ?Here are some suggestions ,which may be of some help .First and foremost ,the government should mate relevant/related/interrelated rules and regulations to ……(主旨).Last but not least ,people should be educated to enhance the awareness of ……(主旨).The relationship between people ,I believe ,will be harmonious and our society will be a better place for us to live in.



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